Kapor Capital

Rebranding For Impact

Brand Systems + Identity + Typography + UX & UI Design

Kapor Capital is an Oakland-based fund that invests in companies that are addressing urgent social needs. We worked alongside the Kapor team to bring their powerful and unique story to life. Their investing approach combines the acumen of return-seeking venture capital with a networked vision of social justice. As such, we designed their Brand Identity to be based around a woven K mark that speaks to the nature of their dynamic network of people, with a nod to the guilloche graphical patterns of finance. Visually, we knew the brand language needed to be bold like their work, yet grounding, welcoming, and friendly.

We then created the User Experience, Visual Design, Photography and Development of their portfolio site. In the world of venture capital, it is rare and special to have had the opportunity to work with a mission-driven, results oriented team that emphasizes diversity and an investment towards the betterment of society.